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about 1 year ago


Are you suspicious that your mate or loved one has been wicked, however, you just can't show it? Well, now you can get the peace of thoughts you deserve and stop the tormenting suspicions with our all new and improved 21 LED Ultraviolet flashlight.


This unique UV flashlight can be used for close examination of an editorial or area to expose evidence that may not be visible to the bare eye. UV mild can also be used to on occasion display hidden blood stains and fingerprints.


Forensic-grade flashlight effortlessly locates bodily fluids on undergarments, sheets or other surfaces.


This new type of UV flashlight brings LED technology to the ultraviolet spectrum. Made mainly for semen and bodily fluid detection in forensic packages. This UV flashlight can more be used for identifying urine, pet stains, stains in toilets, counterfeit cash, blood, and plenty extra!



It's 21 efficient ultraviolet LED's are housed in an aluminium body and produces greater ultraviolet mild than incandescent or fluorescent UV bulbs. Push-

  • The button on/off the transfer.
  • Powered by using 3 AAA batteries (NOT covered)
  • Color: black (Style may also fluctuate from photo)
  • Length: 4."

To find semen and different physical fluid stains:

 1) For excellent consequences, search for your proof in a darkened room or area.


2) Pass the UV mild over the suspected location slowly. Start your scan about 2 inches far from the fabric or suspected place. Finish about 12 inches away, because particular types of stains react differently.


3) If proof of fluids is found, use one in every of our Semen Detection Kits to discover of the stain is in truth semen.


ATT: This UV light may discover laundry detergents or other bodily fluids. For 100% true effects, we suggest the usage of this with our Checkmate Semen Fluid Detection Kit which may be found right here: bestreviewexpress.com/best-uv-flashlight


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